Saturday, March 26, 2011

Photo of my friend Mark building the window
A photo of the 1st window cut and ground
A photo of me assigning colors to each piece of the pattern drawing

The finished working pattern drawing for St.Paul Ankeny Ia. each piece is numbered approx. 1500 pieces
16' by 8.5'

In progress images of window pattern
St.Paul Ankeny Ia
Jan 2011

Enlarging the Drawing for St.Paul Lutheran Ankeny, Ia.
16'x 8.5' working drawing

Proposed Painting
"Great is your Faith"
Graphite on tracing paper
Photoshop collage

Proposed painting
Graphite on tracing paper
Photoshop collage

Proposed painting design for
"Your faith has made you well"
13"x 21"
Oil on Panel
Graphite on tracing paper
Graphite on paper

3 of the 7 images in the proposal for Part II St. Paul's Lutheran Sac City Ia. Completion date?

Part I Chancel Redesign
St.Paul's Lutheran Sac City Ia

Stained Glass window design
St.Paul's Ankeny, Ia

Crown of Thorns
Tinted Concrete
St. John Lutheran Bakersfield Ca
12' Crown of Thorns template for St. John Lutheran Bakersfield